Monday, December 20, 2010

Resolutions Day 3: "A Running Start"

If you've been tracking with me the past few days- you will notice that I'm doing a "15 resolutions for the 15 days leading up to New Year's day" sort of thing. I started Saturday, and we're now down to resolution #3.

You can read my first resolution here and my second one here.

Have you been taking some time to think about yours? This is a really good "blog project" for me, because instead of sitting down on January 1st and busting out a list of everything that pops off the top of my head- I'm actually taking an entire day at a time to think about each resolution. To let it sit and sink in and slowly come to the forefront of my brain. I feel like each resolution is a bit more meaningful that way.

It's not too late to join me! You can start today. 13 resolutions- today until New Year's Day- that you want to set for yourself in 2011. Or wait a couple of days and do 11 resolutions for 2011.

Well, shoot. That's catchy. I should have done that.

Oh well- I'm already off and running! 15 resolutions it is.

Speaking of running, here's resolution #3:

Run the Tulsa Run in October 2011 and reach my goal weight.

I'm trying to stay away from vague resolutions, like "get in shape." So, this is very specific: run the Tulsa run. I have 10 months to train for it, and I've already started. (Go me! No waiting until January 1st on this one!) I also have included reach my goal weight- no, I'm not sharing- which hopefully will come about thanks to the whole run-the-Tulsa-run thing.

But, you never know. Every quarter mile I run every day exponentially increases my craving for M&M's. At this rate... we're looking at a disaster by the time I'm running 9 miles.

Ah, well. It's a good resolution, none-the-less. I honestly feel better when I get up and run. I have more energy, more patience (explain that one to me?!) and a bigger drive to eat better. Except for those stupid M&M's.

So, there you go! Resolution #3. Keep tuning in for my additional resolutions. And start thinking of your own! 2011 is just over a week away! :)

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