Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 Resolutions

Howdy, ya'll!

Sorry... I'm just getting into a "Texas" state of mind before I head that way for Christmas next week!

I truly can't wait. It was so nice having the whole family here for Thanksgiving this year- the first holiday I've ever spent in Tulsa!

But there's something about sleeping in your childhood bedroom, no matter how much it's changed over the years, on Christmas Eve. So, Texas, here I come.

In the meantime, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my New Year's Resolutions for next year. I make a list every year; something about putting it all down on paper makes me feel productive.

My resolutions this year are quite a bit different than the ones I put down last year. So much has changed- I have changed- so I'm spending a lot of time thinking about what I want for myself in 2011.

With full acceptance that sometimes... my resolutions and God's resolutions for me are a bit different. :)

Every day from now until New Year's Day, I'm going to blog one of my resolutions. In fact, let's all do it! 15 resolutions, from today until New Year's Day. 15... hopes? dreams? goals? changes?... you have for 2011.

So, here we go. My first resolution for 2011, and maybe the biggest one of all- definitely deserving of the #1 spot:

Grow in my relationship with the Lord and find a church to start regularly attending.

If 14 of my resolutions fail in 2011, I hope this single one is successful. I've had such a season of growth in my walk with the Lord these past few months, and I pray that continues into next year. And I would love, love, love to find a church home in Tulsa. It's time.

So, there's #1! Tune in tomorrow for resolution #2. And hopefully this gets you thinking about your resolutions for 2011.

Let's make it a great year!

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