Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolutions, Day 13: Live Locally

Happy New Year's Eve Eve! I can't believe it's almost time to wrap up 2010. My mom has been visiting the past few days, and she left today. So, I feel like Christmas "vacation" is officially over. I'm always a little sad- but fortunately, there are many unfinished projects around my house I will need her help with in the near future. :)

I had a nice afternoon. I finished up laundry and then did some shopping at a local vintage/flea market store I love. I have decided on two "DIY" (do-it-yourself, for those wondering) projects I'd like to tackle in the next few weeks, so I went to pick up a few items.

I'm making one of these:

And one of these:

Courtesy of Ashley Ann Photography and Design Sponge, respectively. I'll even take pictures and post the "progress" of each project! Both of these items are going in my office, which is getting better by the day. My bookshelf is finally looking awesome, and I have a plan of organization that will hopefully take shape the next few weeks.

So check back sometime next week when I get back to blogging about every day life! But until then...

It's time for another resolution! We're nearing the end of my 15 resolutions for 2011 series.

This one is multifaceted (big word alert.)

So, here we go, resolution #13:

"Live locally" in 2011.

This is really a two-part resolution. The first part of the "live locally" resolution will mean visiting local places I've always wanted to go, but never have. The Philbrook Museum of Art. The Tulsa Zoo. The Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa. Even drive a short distance to the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, or back to the OKC Bombing Memorial. (I haven't been in years.) I love to explore and travel (as you know) so why not do that in my own city, my own state?

The second part of this resolution is to support more local businesses. Stores like The Vintage Pearl (who I have already supported greatly, I might add). Eat at unique local restaurants, support local music and movies.

And "local" doesn't even have to mean Tulsa! I also shop frequently on Etsy, and I know that's helping someone, somewhere with their own local business.

Tulsa is a great city for supporting all things local, and it's something I've come to appreciate about this town very much. Even the variety show I produce supports all things Oklahoma.

I can honestly say "live locally" has become a big motto of mine, from how I spend my time and energy to how I spend my money. And I would love to continue that into 2011.

In fact, a fellow former producer from KTUL tweeted today that she resolves to take the Tulsa Transit- our local bus system- more in 2011. (Great resolution, Julie!)

Alright, another resolution down! Two more to go.

Have a fantastic NYE's Eve!

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