Friday, December 24, 2010

Resolutions Day 6 & 7: "A Picture Perfect Blog"

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

I hope you are spending the day with family, close friends, or even just alone, reflecting on all of the blessings in your life, the joy of Christmas.

It's rainy and cold here in Dallas- a perfect Christmas Eve, in my opinion. I'm cooped up indoors with the entire family, and loving every second of it. We've been cooking, wrapping presents, and in just a few hours we're heading to church for the Christmas Eve service.

As you know, I've been posting my resolutions for 2011. I started last Saturday, and my goal has been to post a new resolution every day so that I have 15 in total come January 1st, 2011.

I wasn't able to post yesterday- I was driving to Dallas all morning, and then my siblings and I went to Six Flags last night.

A bit of a Christmas tradition.

Sooo... here we go! Resolutions 6 & 7.

Resolution #6:

Buy a Nikon D90 and take a SnapShop by one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Ann Photography.

I have been wanting to buy a better camera forever now- a "real" camera- the kind with an adjustable lens and that you have to take really good care of. I've always enjoyed taking pictures, and with my desire to travel more in 2011 (see resolution #2) I would just love to have a nice camera to take great photos with. In fact, I'd rather have photographs hanging on my walls than anything else.

And I'd love to take a SnapShop by Ashley. She is only offering two next year- one in the Spring, one in the Fall- so I'm crossing my fingers I get in! She does a beginner course on how to take great photos.

And while we're talking about great photos, I might as well let that be a lead in to resolution #7:

Continue to invest in "Lindsay's Lounge".

I started this blog in January of last year, and I am so glad I did. I went back and forth about it for months and finally decided... what the heck?

This has been such an amazing creative outlet for me. A few months ago, I kicked off the VIP button feature and I already have tons of ideas for how to spruce it up a bit next year.

With a new camera, I hope to include more photos- better photos .

And in August of next year, I'm already signed up to attend my first BlogHer convention in San Diego, California.

I would love for blogging to be more of a priority in 2011, simply because I enjoy it so much. I've written about everything from faith, family and friends to grief and heartache to celebrations. And it's been such an amazing (and therapeautic!) part of my life.

Thank you to EVERY single one of you who keep reading!

So, there you go- resolutions 6 & 7. I'm planning on posting resolutions 8 & 9 on Sunday, post-Christmas. Tomorrow is a day of rejoicing in the birth of our savior, in celebrating with family. My Christmas wish is that you do just that!

Much love to you all, and Merry Christmas!

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