Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Resolutions Day 5: "She Works Hard For The Money"

My "15 days of resolutions for 2011" series continues tonight with...

...Ok, I realize that sounded very evening news. (I did graduate with a degree in journalism.)

Let's try again.

I'm smack dab in the middle of a series here at Lindsay's Lounge: 15 days, 15 resolutions, 15 blog posts leading up to January 1st.

I started last Saturday and I have now shared 5 resolutions with you all. Tonight, I share #6.

This has been such a fun project for me! First of all, it's forced me to blog daily and make "blog time" a priority.

Something I hope to do more of in 2011. (Ahem... do a hear a potential resolution in there?)

But it's also been such a great way for me to reflect on the past year and goals I would like to set for myself next year.

And... it's been a good project to distract me from the ever-slowly-ticking clock. I mean, seriously. Could this week be any slower?!

So, here we go, resolution #6:

To achieve my financial goals.

Those goals include:

a) to pay off my laptop, couch & dryer
b) to start contributing (again) to my 401K
c) to end the year with 2 months salary saved up

Yes, I can hear the sighs, moans and overall disgust at this resolution. It's boring. It's related to money. And no one likes to think or talk about money, unless you have a lot of it.

But! It's important. I am trying to become more responsible with my finances, and I think it's good to have specific goals lined out.

I find myself waking up on the weekends- much like my dad- and balancing the checkbook, paying bills, keeping my cashflow log "updated."

I haven't always done that; something about being a homeowner makes me compelled to reevaluate my finances every 7 days.

It makes such a difference in my overall well-being when I feel like I'm being responsible with my money.

So, there you go! I promise... a more interesting resolution tomorrow.

Or not! These are my resolutions, after all. :)

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