Monday, October 3, 2011


Friendship is a precious thing.

I have always believed that- and I hold my friendships in the highest regard. We need our friends- to cry with us, to vent and gossip with. To pray with us. To take us out for coffee or cocktails- depending on the situation. To celebrate engagements and babies and to mourn relationships that end.

Friendship is such a precious thing.

This week, I...

-Celebrated my friend, across the ocean, who had her second baby boy!
-Shared a bottle of wine, a few tears, and a good vent session with my best friend
-Had coffee with two of my favorite friends
-Celebrated the engagement of my oldest friend!
-Caught up with a friend who lives many miles away

Friendship is such a very precious thing.

The best part about these friends, these girls I surround myself with, is that we're each in different parts of life. Babies, careers, marriage, single-ness, ups, downs- but we all lift each other up and support one another.

I think that has become the definition to me of a solid, true friendship. When you lift another up, you are a friend for life.

Sometimes, I think God surrounds us with friends who are in varying places in life- to teach us, to better enable us to lift each other up.

Friendship means honoring your past together.

Friendship means respecting your present.

Friendship means trusting someone to lift you, to carry you into the future.

Friendship is a precious thing.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better if I had tried to myself. I agree that friendship is such a precious thing and you are such a wonderful friend. Love you!


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