Saturday, October 8, 2011

Destination Unknown

One new show I've kind of gotten into this fall is Hart of Dixie on the CW with Rachel Bilson. There are definitely some cheesy moments- but I like a good New-York-girl-moves-to-the-sticks plot line.

The thing that always bugs me is how the main character is always so reluctant. Doesn't want to move. Doesn't want to adjust to her new city. Doesn't want to fall for the hot lawyer with the southern drawl.

Um, what?!

While watching the saga unfold, I always think to myself... I would love it if life suddenly picked me up and dumped me somewhere brand new. New people to meet, a new town to learn to love. 

And yes, sign me up for the hot lawyer with the southern drawl.

I love where I am- I feel like Tulsa, Oklahoma and my "Brookside Bungalow" is exactly where I'm supposed to be at this time in my life. I love my life and my work and my friends and my routine. This is home.

But every now and then... it's fun to wonder what joys a new town would hold, what fascinating things I'd experience. And I obviously don't even need to mention the whole lawyer-and-a-gentleman thing.

If God decided today you were meant to be somewhere completely different... where would you cross your fingers you'd land?

Sometimes I think somewhere overseas- an apartment overlooking Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Lots of people and activity- easy to get lost.

And other times, I think a small Alabama town would be delightful. Nosy neighbors, beautiful sunsets. Peace and quiet- easy to be found.

For now, Tulsa suits me just fine. A mix of loud and quiet, lost and found. Maybe not forever- but definitely for today.

Now, if only that lawyer can find his way to northeastern Oklahoma.

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