Friday, October 7, 2011

Work In Progress

I would be remiss not to start this post with....


Ah, yes- OU/TX weekend in the south. There's really nothing quite like it.

While the masses head south to Dallas for the game, I'm planning on having a quiet weekend at home in Tulsa. My 3-day weekend is off to a great start- drinks with friends Thursday night, coffee & a play date with my favorite kiddos this morning, a walk on the trail (and a really cute guy on a bike), and working on the house.

Today, I went window shopping at one of my favorite antique stores- River City Trading Post in Jenks.

I've decided I'm going back for this bench. It's just too cute not to have! It's a great size for my living room- and paired with the Tulsa skyline pillow I have my eye on at Dwelling Spaces- it will be the perfect addition to the house.

My guest room/office is a serious work-in-progress right now, but there's a definite gray theme going on. So of course, I adore the mirror on the right. I love the one on the left, too. But the gray one- love the shape, love the color. Have to have it.

And finally, this. I have an obsession with windows frames, door panels- odd pieces of a house that can be re-purposed into something cute. Every time I see one, I tell my sister- I know there's something there, something cute to make out of it. Well- this might be it. I love the black stenciling on the glass. Lindsay's Lounge, perhaps? Another great office addition.

The house is at an exciting milestone this month. My one-year anniversary is this week!  I can't believe I've lived here a year; what a fantastic, memorable year its been. This house already has so many memories- I feel like I've owned it for 30 years!

... even though the mortgage statements say I still have 29 years to go. :)

I'm planning a little anniversary happy hour in the coming weeks- and a big post with the most updated pictures of the house! Still a work in progress- I figure it may be that way for a while to come- but it's slowly taking shape and I wouldn't hurry the process along, even if I could (afford it!) It's a journey in finding my style, what constitutes "home", a little creativity (both DIY and financially) and a lot of fun.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on my, as the local real estate shows call them, "Brookside Bungalow!"

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