Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thoughts on a Fall Day

I am absolutely loving fall. Oh, I already mentioned that? Well, I'll say it again!  I love, love, love it. And fall in Oklahoma is so resplendent. It's cool and sunny and the trees are turning burnt orange- it's just perfect. And something about the way it all looks and feels takes me back 10+ years to Fall Break spent at my grandparents house in Oklahoma City. On days like today, I may as well be on a house off of May Avenue, playing mouse trap upstairs or running around on the turf in their backyard.

Fall is also a perfect time to read and write, in my opinion. OK, fine, for me- any time of year is perfect for reading or writing. But fall is the best time, I might argue. Because you can meet a friend at Barnes and Nobles in the morning for coffee and browsing and reading, and then a few hours later... brew a cup of Chai Latte and sit at your kitchen table to pontificate on life.

So, here's my pontificating for today.

Yesterday, I read two articles via Twitter that really sparked my interest. I find myself constantly drawn to articles on balancing wife-hood and motherhood and career.

Here's why: If I got married at 22 or 24, I would probably be at a very different place in my life. But God put me on a different path- and at 27, I am single and very career-oriented.

However, there will be a day- because I want it, and need it, and pray for it, and just know in my bones- that I will dive headfirst into the world of being a wife and mother.

So where will my job fit in then? I already feel like a mother, protecting my first born. This career I've worked so hard to nurture and grow- it can't just disappear because I have a ring on my finger or a baby on my hip.

Can it?  Some of you may argue, yes- it can.

Yesterday, I read this Forbes article by Samantha Ettus on keeping your foot in the door of your career, even if you take a time-out to raise a family.

Then I came across this article by Huffington Post.  Author Iris Krasnow argues that the most happily married women are those who have passion and purpose outside of the home.

This is all obviously just food for thought. I know the path of motherhood versus career is different for every woman- and requires a lot of discussion and prayer.  And I know some of the most career-oriented women find their greatest passion and joy in life in staying home to raise children.

Everyone finds their path, and I know I will, too. Another reminder to live in the present!  I will enjoy pouring my energy into my current marriage and firstborn child- work!  And 10 years from now? We'll see.

10 years ago... a backyard in Oklahoma City. 10 years from today?  Only time will tell.

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  1. Thise are both great articles! When I was pregnant I thought about this constantly...what will I do???? How can I give up my career???? But work was different after Rebecca arrived and right now my heart is with her at home. I know I will work again, even though it won't be for awhile and I am trying to be very in the moment with Rebecca bc it goes so fast! Lucky for me I worked with several women who took 5-10 years off to be home with their kids and are all back at work now which is so nice to see! And I agree, it is so personal for every woman. Something I think I about for you is that since you are such a career woman now, when you have kids you will have so many options. I am blabbering one, but I am really proud of you and the work that you do!


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