Sunday, July 31, 2011

Running to Slow Down

There are weeks I barely see the inside of my house. I get so busy with work, with other projects- that it seems like the only places I visit with any regularity are my garage and my bed.

And the kitchen. Let's just be honest about that one!

Two weeks out of every month things slow down a bit. I have time to walk from room to room and visualize my house just a few more months down the road, when things feel more finalized.

I have time to sit on the couch and watch every Lifetime movie made in the past 5 years.

I can leave my phone in the other room, on silent of all things, and not worry I'm missing something important.

Ah, yes. These two weeks are bliss. I'm working furiously to "fix" the other two weeks of the month; to make them a bit more balanced- going with that whole "life is a bike ride" post from yesterday.

But today? I'm looking forward to two weeks of slooooow down.

In fact, the moments I probably "slow down" the most- are the times I'm going the fastest. The times I'm running- literally.

Yesterday I wrote about bike riding- how balance and looking forward, never back, are key components.

Today, I'm writing about running. Breeze in your face, shoes kicking up dirt, sweat pouring down your face.

I mean, it is the hottest summer EVER.

But while my legs are moving fast, my breathing is rapid, my heart is racing- my mind slows down. I focus on the basic essentials. Breath in, breath out. Make it one more half mile. And another after that. Take a sip of water. Unclench your fist.

And while I'm running, I don't think about my to-do today list. In fact, I don't think in any linear fashion. It's more a series of snapshots, the to-do someday list.

The river becomes a camping trip.

The kids at the splash park become my family someday.

Toto's Africa playing on my headset becomes my next big trip.

Running puts the hustle and bustle of life into perspective and makes the big things, the really important things, pop into my head like a polaroid.

Breath in, breath out. Run fast to slow down.

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  1. You almost make me want to start running! Almost..... ;)


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