Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Pie-oneer Woman Post

Ok, it's here... the post ya'll have been waiting for.

Did I just say ya'll?  I sure did, ya'll... it must be that country air rubbing off on me.

What country air, you ask?

THIS country air!  The beautiful, sweeping Oklahoma plains of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  The historic lands of Osage County.

The home of the one and only Pioneer Woman!

I was THRILLED last week when I found out I won a coveted spot at the day-long pie workshop, hosted at The Lodge- you know, the one we see in her blog... the one you can see Saturday mornings on her Food Network show.  The PIONEER WOMAN, people!

It only seemed right to bring my mom as my guest; she has fixed dozens of Pioneer Woman recipes- from salsa to egg-in-the-whole, olive cheese bread to iced coffee.  Plus, she and PW have a bond- the whole four kids thing.  And, well, she's fun company!

We mixed our dough and perfected our crusts....

We purused a bountiful table full of ingredients for our pie fillings.... 

And wa-la!  A pie is born.

You PW faithful know about this loyal companion- the one and only Charlie.  We were starstruck!

But he probably found the biggest fan in mom; he curled up next to her on the couch after what we're sure was a busy day as a ranch dog!

Our pies were baked, cooled and sent home with us in fancy pie dishes- courtesy of PW!

The three redheads!  And my favorite part- Ree weilding a very large knife in her hands for our picture.

I can't even describe how much fun we had!  We met fun new friends, baked everything from pies to pizzas to tarts to quiches to pot pies- and most of all, enjoyed spending a day with someone we all love and admire- The Pioneer Woman!

I was so glad to have this experience with my mom- one we'll surely remember for a LONG time!

To see Ree's post on this memorable occasion, check out Good Friends, Good Pie.

To my loved ones:  yes, I can make pie! 

To my family: yes, I'll revive the recipe for Thanksgiving!

To my coworkers: no, you don't get pie every week.

To my future husband:  YOU get pie.  Always.

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  1. Love this! You so deserve fun experiences like this! I watched her show yesterday...I think it's going to be a big hit :)


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