Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long Post, Simple Message.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my blog lately- and it's because I have such a huge passion for this little niche I've stumbled upon!

You'll notice I'm sprucing things up a bit- adding a few new features, trying out some things. I'm launching into the scary world of videos (gulp) in the coming months!  Fun things, things I do in my every day work life that I'd love to start incorporating more & more into this little space of mine.

It's made me really contemplate "journalism"- what the word means. What it meant when I graduated from journalism school at OU; what it has meant through my career so far; what it means to me today.

Journalism was pretty black and white when I graduated college.  You studied print or broadcast- and from those two departments, you might work for a newspaper (yes, whole classes devoted to newspaper writing!); you might work for a magazine; or you might work for a television station.

I had a hard time picking between print and broadcast because honestly, I just loved to write. I loved to tell a good story, craft the right words to tell it. And I wasn't sure which platform would suit me best.

I'm a thoughtful writer; I love long sentences, complicated words and in-depth features. I was perfectly suited to work for a magazine, even become a newspaper columnist.

So why did short, snappy writing... intense deadlines... and lights, camera, action beckon me into the world of TV? I can only say it was a God thing!

I'm so glad, today, that I was technically a "print" major who launched into the world of broadcast; I have applied skill sets unique to each field to so many areas of life.

As my career unfolds, I'm finding that media is not black and white. Being a producer is more than just bossing people around. And being a writer- writing content that's good, is key- whether it's a :30 promo or a 10-page feature.

Content is king- a common catchphrase in "J" school.

So today, I'm happy that my career as a journalist means I get to produce a live, daily broadcast in the manner of a newscast- all business. I get delve into my more emotional side, my thoughtful side, my lengthy, long, feature-y side, here on Lindsay's Lounge. And I get a quick fix of news, information and snippets of writing via social media.

I'm making journalism work for me. And hopefully, that works for you to. 

And the best part? It all excites me. I'm not relegated to one type of media, one style of writing. I'm challenged every day- whether it's learning to edit videos or editing my verbose way of writing into 140 succinct characters on Twitter.

All of the elements I love in life- from writing to socializing to news and media- has found a way to converge into one awesome passion.

And it's a passion I know will carry on into the future- whether I'm writing for an Emmy-winning TV show or writing about my baby's first day of kindergarten.

Thanks, as always, for reading my words! You give them life.

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