Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is one of those weeks where I am constantly wondering what day it is. Ever have those weeks? I spent half of today thinking it was Monday, the other half convinced it was Wednesday. Weird.  I think the sprint triathlon threw off my rhythm a bit; it's like I crossed the finished line... fell into a deep sleep all day... and woke up four years later.

Huh. Where will we all be in four years?  I love to play this game at work, when we're trapped in the studio for hours on end. My coworkers love this game and are always completely willing to play it with me.

Yes, that's sarcasm you're reading.

Today I've done a lot of thinking about work; not just for my company, but work in general. Teachers going back to school this week, moms who work 24/7, single gals like myself or married couples making ends meet.

I read an article today talking about lack of fear in the work place- and it really resonated with me. I love the concept that being open with one another, sharing our dreams and fears, really makes us more accountable to each other and to our roles in the office.

The article notes that we should be able to share our biggest concerns with each other, celebrate our biggest accomplishments. Find that healthy balance of letting each other into our personal spaces and drawing lines where we need space.

Space; a concept completely lost on my coworkers.

I kid!  But, seriously... try locking yourself in an enclosed space with your coworkers for 10 hours.

I think we can apply that concept to a lot of areas in life; that openness and willingness to communicate, to share. It adds a layer of respect and trust; a strong foundation to any relationship- whether it's partner, family member, friend or coworker.

In this spirit of sharing and openness, I will promptly arrive at the studio tomorrow morning at 6am sharp and ask everyone where they see themselves four years from now. 

Space is overrated.

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