Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maizy's Adventure

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. I definitely had a very restful weekend! Much needed. I did a lot of laundry... cleaned the house... took a nap... and trained, trained, trained for next weekend's triathlon!

I also got some VERY exciting news... so look for a blog post this week about that. :)

But tonight's post is all about this little baby-girl-angel-sweet-love.

My littlest girl has surgery tomorrow! I know she's in great hands with our vet- but I sure am sad to know she won't be cuddled up with me the next few nights. Home just won't feel the same without her boundless energy!

I love this tiny picture of her in the window of my room at my parents' house.

She is the QUEEN of socks! Maizy loves socks more than anything in life. Well, green beans might come in a close second. She's pretty obsessed with those.

And tuna. And any food, for that matter. And cords. And computers.

Maizy is... passionate?... about a lot of things in life. :)

That's why the house will feel so empty without her this week. I hope Wednesday comes fast!

Here are a few other things to anticipate on the blog this week:

-A very fun Saturday I can't wait to share with you!
-Triathlon training for Sunday's race!
-My first ever video blog. Be kind.

Have a great week everyone- and keep my Maizy in your prayers!


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