Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Life Blog

Hello, friends!

So, it's been a crazy week, to say the least. But can I just say how incredibly much I LOVE San Diego?! I had such a great trip- one of those trips where you just remember every little detail because you loved it so much.

The BlogHer conference was better than I thought it would be! It's not that I had low expectations; I just went into it a little nervous, a little apprehensive. I am the center of attention when it comes to my friends & family- but strangers? I tend to be verrrry shy.

But I knew I'd get out of it what I put into it, and that's why it ended up being SUCH a great experience. I met some great people, got out of my comfort zone a bit and attended some really fabulous sessions. My favorite sessions were probably editing & grammar... and video blogging. Oh yes, "vlogging." I plan to make my debut "vlog" this weekend! So expect to see that coming soon to a theater- ok, starting small- YouTube channel near you.

On top of that, it was a fantastic girls trip. My mom & sister & I spent more time laughing then I can ever remember- from our sweet Grand Marquis aka "G-Money" ride to turning my sister into every Barbie possible (scared barbie! train barbie! drunk barbie!) We walked beautiful beaches, ate seafood 24/7, and had a few too many drinks every night.

In other words, a highly successful girls trip. :)

Meanwhile, Miss Maizy spent the weekend with her uncles and grandpa. She was spoiled, for sure! We made it home late Sunday night and the week started with a bang.

Literally. We have had some massive storms around here lately- much needed to quelch the Oklahoma fires- but impressively loud & visual storms.

In the meantime, I've been playing catch-up at work, catch-up at life, and training for that looming Sprint Triathlon.

In short- I'd love a vacation! :)

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared. In fact- I'm more committed than ever to this little old blog of mine. There's something invigorating about seeing 3,600 people who ALL have their own blogs, their own causes, their own voices.

It reminds me why I started Lindsay's Lounge- how important this creative outlet is for me. And how much I'd love to see it grow and succeed and become my own little community, my safe place to share thoughts and connect with all the "you's" out there who stop in every now & then to see what's what.

I've always struggled with the "identity" of my blog; who my audience is, what my "theme" is, how it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

And in San Diego it became crystal clear. People asked what my blog was about, and I would say "oh, my day-to-day life, my triumphs & struggles, working out, planning parties, figuring out-" and every time, I'd get cut off by their knowing nod and their assessment: "Oh, a life blog. That's great!"

So there you have it, folks. Yes, this is a life blog. My life blog. And I can't wait to keep sharing "life" with all of you here at Lindsay's Lounge.

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