Friday, September 2, 2011

A Season of Fall, Of Football!

Ah, late summer.

Drinks on the patio, freshly cut grass.

Bug bites. Lots of bug bites.

Seriously- the bugs are angry right now; they know the first frost is coming.

But early fall?

And actually- ALL of fall?

Is my favorite... of all.

Yes, this is reading like a haiku.

Things I love about fall include:

*Hot drinks at Starbucks
*Cool morning runs
*Camping trips

HA!  Not that last one. Although somehow I've been talked into a camping trip mid-October. Oy.

*Early sunsets
*Late sunrises
*AND... college football!

This picture was taken at the OU/Tulsa game... four years ago.

The thing that disturbs me the most?  Other than the fact that my brother is still in high school and my sister is rocking the sorority-girl-pearls?

The thing that disturbs me most is that when this picture was taken... four years ago...

I was already out of college.  Done. Graduated.

Tomorrow, I'll return to my old college stomping grounds- a college graduate of five years. My sister will be there- sans the sorority girl pearls. My brother, four years ago a sweet high school junior, will now host us at his fraternity tailgate. 

Time has passed, but tomorrow- we'll cheer, once again, at the OU/Tulsa game.

And just like that, I'll be a freshman in college again- thrilled at the first excitement of a home game with a fresh fall- and all it's potential- laid out in front of me.

The dog days of late summer are ending. We're ushering in a new season.

Three cheers for fall! 

And four cheers for the SOONERS!

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