Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pieces Of Me

There are three people on this planet who I literally can't live without. They are little pieces of me, extensions of me. They define who I am. When I'm lost or sad or unsure of my next step, I only have to look to these people who remember who I am.

I've known each of them their whole lives, and as the oldest, I'm the only one that can say that. I was there when each of them took their first step, said their first word.

And while the days of play school and pillow houses are over- our "childhood", so to speak- being an adult with these three people is turning out to be so much more fun.

Play school has turned into drinking beers together at the lake. And pillow houses have turned into late nights of Scrabble and Mario Kart.

But some things... like yearly Christmas break trips to Six Flags... always stay the same.

I'm lucky that my siblings are my best friends in the world.
I take credit for all of their good and wonderful traits.
And I take no credit for the weirdness you are about to see.


  1. I cant imagine being an only child - siblings are the BEST!!!!!! i have 3 sisters and couldnt live without them!!! looks like you are blessed with some great siblings too!!!

    Head over to my blog - you won an award! :)

  2. I totally relate Lindsay! There are no words to describe the bond between siblings.


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