Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pay It Forward

Today, something really terrific happened. And it's really changed my whole outlook of this day- no, this week. It could even be a defining moment of the year, people!

Let me back up. The past 3 days have been snomageddon. Everyone has been stuck inside- no school, no work. I've had a chance to catch up on literally every item on my to-do list. I updated my financial spreadsheet. I worked on a DIY project. I caught up on my DVR. I worked from home, and worked on various out-of-the-office projects.

But I've also had a few... trials. One being the Great Driveway Shovel-Out of 2011; the other being The Fumes That Wouldn't Go Away.

The driveway shovel-out... whew. That was definitely in the fine print of this whole home ownership business! I spent all day yesterday and part of this morning finishing the job. Only to learn more snow is on the way.

Deep breath.

And the fumes- my house started smelling a tiny bit like gas on Tuesday. So being the paranoid Type-A person I am, I had Oklahoma Natural Gas out to investigate. They found no leaks. (Remember? I celebrated with Bailey's snow ice cream.)

But the fumes... they lingered. They didn't go away. So I did my own investigation.

Good thing I read all of those Nancy Drew books as a little girl. I climbed my fence to my back yard, because a 3-foot snow drift was leaning against my back door. I sniffed around my heater unit and started chipping away at layers of ice. And wa-la! Gaseous fumes were released into the air. They were trapped by the ice and being pushed into my house!

Lindsay: 1. House: 0.

But then I remembered I didn't unlock the back door from the inside before I set out to clear the snow blocking my back door.

So I climbed the fence... again.

House: 1. Lindsay: 0.

Ah, finally. The driveway is cleared. The fumes have ceased. The back door can open from the inside. No more fence climbing.

And despite my aching muscles, a pain I can only compare to what I felt when I first learned to water ski- I am proud. I am strong. I survived the storm on my own. I took care of my house. I'm capable; heroes and husbands need not apply.

But then that thing happened I mentioned at the beginning of this post. That terrific thing that changed my day, my week, maybe even my year.

My neighbor, a stranger before today, came over and started voluntarily shoveling snow from my porch and sidewalk. And now I have a beautiful, clear walk way.

I almost cried. Because even though I know I'm strong and capable- it sure is nice to know someone- even a stranger- is looking out for you.

Pay it forward, people! You never know who needs a little boost.

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