Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Other Family

This week, I'm spending all of my time here:

Auction Network studios. And the hours are long, and the work is grueling. And sometimes, the frustrations are high.

Today, I had a thought. You know when you go on family vacation with all five family members? And you spend every waking moment together for a week? And on the last day you board the plane and you fly home and then all six of you pile in the car at the airport to head home?

And you all have a major meltdown because it seems like the longest car ride of your life?

Well after a week and a half- including Saturday AND Sunday- of auction broadcasts, my Auction Network "family" is in the plane on the way home. We're about to land and pile in the car and have major meltdowns.

We've spent waaaay too much time together.

But then I realize I just compared them to family.... and suddenly, I have more patience and love and I can make it one more day.

Just one more.

Well, maybe two.

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