Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend Before Snowmageddon

Happy Sunday! I can't believe it's already the end of the weekend. I plan on soaking up these last few hours before it's back to the grind- and "snowmageddon"- this week.

"Snowmageddon" is a frequent media term used around these parts for copious amounts of rain, sleet, ice and snow that causes mass chaos. And we're expected to have up to a foot of snow by Wednesday! Definite snowmageddon.

I had a wonderful weekend! An old friend came into town and we pretty much ate our way through the weekend. Dinner with college friends Friday night, enjoyed the beautiful weather Saturday (along with trying out lunch and dinner at two new places) and then breakfast this morning before he left.

I promptly put on my running shoes and hit the trail as soon as he pulled out of my driveway, as I'm sure I gained 10 pounds this weekend! But, sometimes it's worth it.

And Brady Tavern's mac & cheese is soooo worth it.

This week is my "catch up on life" week. Auctions are (temporarily) over and I plan on working on the variety show, catching up on a few big projects at work, and Thursday... the Pioneer Woman book signing at the Mayo Hotel!

Yes, my blog will be getting some much needed attention, too. :) Stay tuned for many, many updates!

I'm off to Borders for a new book and coffee before Snowmageddon begins...

Have a wonderful day!

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