Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Changing Seasons

For the second Wednesday in a row, I'm sitting at my kitchen table, snowed in, enjoying blogs & coffee.

An instagram shot of my favorite print ever from Madeby Girl, hanging in my kitchen. Perfectly describes my morning!

Although in a dissapointing turn of events, my coffee supply is waaaaay low and the only option is decaf. Yikes.

I'm feeling a bit off this week. My days are all messed up. I constantly think it's Thursday. And a couple of times in the past few days, I've thought to myself "fall is just around the corner." When really, SPRING is just around the corner. Or, so I tell myself, although it's hard to believe when it's snowing. Again.

So, anyways- on this beautiful Thursday, with hints of fall lingering in the air, I write to tell you that I feel like my internal seasons are changing, too.

This month is a big one for me. It not only marks the 6 month anniversary of the "crash of 2010" but also my birthday! I feel on the cusp of a lot of change.

The events of 2010 that shaped the past six months of my life are starting to define me less. I'm not the Lindsay who had her heart broken by life.

I'm the Lindsay who prayed and grew and laughed and worked and moved into a new house. Those are the things that define me right now. Winter is over; it's time for Spring.

Or Fall. But only if it's Thursday. :)

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