Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Crushes

Happy Friday! I'm happy to report the "Show and Tell with Peter Bedgood" pilot premiere was a huge success last night- thanks to everyone who showed their support! I'm wrapping up an intense week of auctions at Auction Network, and the premiere is over... so of course that means it's time to refocus on my house "wish list." :)

You all know I have been looking for the perfect "bar cart," so to speak. I want something elegant and classy where I can keep some of my prettier wine glasses, maybe a few bottles of wine.

Over on Hannah's blog, she has a "street merch" segment where she finds fixer-uppers on the streets of New York and makes them pretty. Here's her latest project, and I have decided this is exactly what I want for my bar cart:

Head over to her blog to check out the whole process of finding it and fixing it up.

And over at Okie Chic's blog, I am completely in love with this door basket. I am not a big "seasonal decorator" but I think this basket could work year round, with different kinds of flowers, etc. Plus, it has a bird on it. You know I'm in.

Check out Kim's blog for the details on how she put it together!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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