Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off The Map

Do you watch the show "Off The Map"? It's quickly become one of my new favorites. I like a good escape. It's set in the jungle, which is pretty much as far away from my world as you can get. A typical "day in the office" includes saving injured tourists from zip lines and amputating the leg of a trapped scuba diver.

And always ends with steamy flirtations between the doctors and locals and the ever-enchanting Cantina.

But these doctors are far, far away from their homes, their cell phones. They're unreachable by the outside world, with only each other to lean on. Well, each other and the attractive, mysterious man at the Cantina.

Sometimes the idea of being unreachable is so appealing. And I'm thinking about this topic a lot right now, since my cell phone is currently lost. Yes, lost. There's something very unnerving about being without your cell phone. No emails, no contacts. No Words With Friends or Angry Birds. And seeing as I'm incredibly Type-A and fairly organized, this just drives me mad.

I live a very "plugged-in" life, and I like it that way. I like being in the know of world events; I like my family and friends being able to reach me 24/7.

And as much as this torments me- because it does, it truly does- it's also kind of nice to be unreachable. Unavailable. "Off The Map," so to speak. I think I'll soak it in for a few hours, this forced silence. Enjoy being in my own version of the jungle for the day.

As long as I'm back to my one-click world tomorrow!

But if I find the Cantina, all bets are off.

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