Friday, February 4, 2011

Let It Go and Let It Snow!

What was supposed to be a 30% chance of a light dusting of snow has turned into a 100% chance of 4 to 6 more inches! "Snowklahoma" isn't losing it's nickname anytime soon. :)

Today, I made my way into the office for the first time in days... only to arrive, answer emails for a couple of hours, and be sent back home due to road closings! Ah, winter in Oklahoma. I'm not sure what the Ground Hog was talking about with Spring arriving soon and all of that....

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. Does anyone else love Instagram?! I am a big fan. All of my pictures lately are via the iPhone Instagram app. It lets you give the pictures a "treatment"- you know, faded, black and white, etc. I think the "Lomo-fi" app is the best for snow pictures. It really makes the white pop!

My clear driveway- quite a success. Although now it's under a couple of inches of snow... again. :)

My pretty street, looking towards Brookside.

When we were sent home from work, a few co-workers came over "until the storm let up." AKA... to let a few beers chill in the snow!

Yes, me & my faithful Oklahoma hoodie. In front of my snow-covered house!

I have a bit of cabin fever- and I feel like work is piling up faster than the snow outside- but I'm allowing myself to enjoy this time to just let it go and let it snow. I know in a few months- heck, maybe even a few weeks!- it will be Spring...

... and tornado season!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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