Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions, Day 15: Hurry Up and Slow Down

Happy New Year to my precious blog followers!

I have so many mixed emotions about the end of 2010. More so than ever before. Last night, in the 10 seconds counting down to midnight, I found myself surrounded by friends and champagne and those little horns that drive you nuts. And I was frozen. I just sat there, letting the countdown, the noise happen around me. In those 10 seconds... it's like I felt the entire sum of 2010 swishing and swirling around me, giving me one last glimpse at 2010, one final year in review.

And then it was midnight, and I was swept up- literally, pulled to my feet- into the celebration and joy of the moment- a new year, a new decade.

I am so incredibly thankful for life and lessons learned in 2010. And I'm ready, so so ready, for this new chapter and new year- whatever it may bring.

So it's fitting today to wrap up my "15 resolutions for 2011" series!

I've struggled a bit about this final resolution. I have plenty of other things I could resolve to do, like... take scuba lessons this year. Or learn how to cook X amount of meals. I have a million things I could resolve to do regarding my house. Or maybe tackle more DIY projects this year.

So, I think the best resolution to wrap up this series is this:

Slow down.

I am capable of working tirelessly for things I care about. To the point of exhaustion, at times. I think resolution #15 will be to slow down, take everything in a bit more. Listen more. Observe more. Follow my heart, go with my gut. That's been a big lesson for me this year. I don't want to take any of it for granted, because life is so sweet.

So, that's resolution #15.

Thanks, everyone, for reading my resolutions! My Canadian friend Lisa suggested I do a report this time next year on how each of these resolutions fared- a great idea!

So, if your resolution is to quit reading my blog this year- come back in December for a recap! :)

Speaking of slowing down... I'm exhausted! (Or maybe that's just the champagne still talking.) I'm going to take a "blog break" tomorrow. I'm trying out a new church in the morning, meeting a friend for lunch and then tackling the usual Sunday funs- laundry, cleaning the house.

But I'll be back starting Monday! And I already have a host of posts ready to go!

Much love, and happy 2011!

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