Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby, Baby

One of my greatest dreams in life is to be a mom. I think it's going to be such an amazing experience! It helps that I have such an incredible role model when it comes to being a mom- my mom.

Don't worry- I'm perfectly content waiting a few more years for that dream to come true. But, it's a dream, nontheless!

There is something so precious about watching a friend become a mom. And I'm already learning so much about motherhood by three of my closest girlfriends tackle the hardest job there is!

And, let's face it. I get the best of both worlds right now. I get my fill of "baby time"... then I get to hand 'em back to mom and go home! :)

Two years ago, the first baby-of-a-best-friend was born. Cooper will always have a special place in my heart- I love him to pieces!

I can't believe he turned TWO this week! My how time flies. Kind of like glow-in-the-dark rocket-pajamas your favorite Aunt buys you for your birthday. :)

And this handsome man! Another baby-of-a-best-friend. James is already such a stud- when he isn't busy barfing on my shirt! :)

Of course I can't forget Cooper's new little sister, Colbie- I just adore her. (And have no pictures with her yet!)

And just this week... yet another baby-of-a-best-friend was born! Rebecca will celebrate her birthday the day before Cooper.

Whew! That's a lot of Christmas/birthday presents at once for this doting Aunt!

Thanks, friends, for letting me share your babies for a while! It's one of my greatest joys.

And the best part is- I know you will have the same amount of joy when it's my turn. :)

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