Monday, January 3, 2011

DIY Projects

Happy Bachelor Monday! I'm currently vegged out on the couch watching poor Brad get grilled by the two girls he didn't pick when he was the bachelor for the first time years ago.

I'm slightly annoyed. They are both engaged, they have both clearly moved on... but they are so hard on him! And why do we hate Brad, again? Because he didn't propose to a girl only to break it off weeks later?

Ahem. Clearly I'm way too invested in reality TV. I'm rooting for you, Brad! And you are really hot!

Ok, moving on. Do it yourself projects! I love 'em. Lately, I've been in a major house-sprucing mood. Things are being hung on the walls, new furniture is being purchased.

One of my biggest house-do-it-yourself projects is going to be an "inspiration wall" in my office. I've seen them popping up more and more lately. Basically, a collection of prints, pictures, knick-knacks, frames, mirrors- whatever you like, really- that are grouped together on a wall. Things that, obviously, inspire you.

That's a little example posted by Ashley Ann- she did this inspiration wall in her daughter's nursery.

And I'm breaking a major rule of blogging with this picture- I have no idea who to credit it to. But it's another amazing inspiration wall. I especially love the "W" initial letter. I'm actually on the hunt for the perfect "L" for my wall.

Which brings me to a something I found today at my favorite local antique store....

LOVE it! This piece will really make a statement on the wall, and I of course love that it says Tulsa. One of my favorite inpirations. :)

The office/guest room already has a lot of red and black... and I'm thinking of adding turquoise to the mix for that extra "pop."

Which, obviously, will perfectly compliment this white and teal vintage Oklahoma map I want- no, need- from Etsy.

Another DIY project? This darling calendar/journal, also inspired by Ashley Ann via Design Sponge.

I worked long and hard this weekend on my own version, and it turned out cute!

I may need to trim the postcards down a bit more to look more like hers- but I hate cutting them. I found them at that antique store that I need to stay far, far away from. Most of them were written on and mailed, and some date back to the early 1900's!

One postcard was actually mailed right here in Oklahoma to a soldier named Roe Austin. I googled him and found out he's buried in Noble, Oklahoma. His name is on a memorial, and I have a postcard addressed to him, right here in my little old house.

Small, small world.

Anyway- share links with me! What DIY are you working on?

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  1. Luv it Lins! Your DYI project looks great, too! I also agree with you about Bachelor Brad. I hope we don't have to hear about his "past" this whole season!
    Luv ya!


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