Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday Crush

Is it already Wednesday?!  This week is seriously flying by.  My work schedule is relatively light (aka, no auctions until January 17th!) so I'm trying to soak up every ounce of free time.  I've been working through my lunch break so I can leave an hour early and squeeze in an afternoon walk or run while the sun is still shining.  Although apparently snow is on the way....

But, my productivity has kicked into high gear.  In fact, today I cleaned out both of my work desks.  Next up: sprucing things up.  Adding a few pictures, some knick-knacks.  We've been in our new building over a year now; it's time to make my little nook feel like home!

I just stumbled upon what might be my first birthday crush item.  I will be 27 (gulp) at the end of February- weeks away, I realize, and just weeks after Christmas... but come on!  Everyone has a birthday wish list.

So, here it is.  My first birthday crush:  The Michael Kors wallet/clutch for the iphone.
Is this not the best idea ever?!  I can think of a million and one times I would love to be able to run out the door, sans purse, with this little gem.

A little birthday wish for this Wednesday.  :)

Have a great one!

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