Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heart Healthy

It's Wednesday! Since my last post, I:
Got sick.
Lazed around on the couch all weekend.
Got better.
Attended a birthday party.
Showed my face at work on Monday.
Got even more sick.
Slept 20 hours.
Went to the doctor.
Cursed my sinus infection.

But I'd like to report that right now, at this moment, I am able to sit up, stay awake and I am on medication! Yippee!

Next up: a real meal. There's something about drowing in mucus that makes food very unappetizing.

Now that I've ruined your appetite- the real reason for this post.

I've always thought that there have been times in my life that God slows me down for a purpose. I tend to go, go, go- sometimes pushing myself further than I should without even realizing it. And it usually takes a nice bout with the flu or an all-consuming sinus infection to see the white flag of surrender. To know that I have to give up for a minute and focus on me.

And it's usually when I'm feeling pretty sick and lowly that I do some of my best contemplating.

This week started with a little bit of heartache. Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job keeping this sinus infection at bay all weekend long. But Monday rolled around, and my heart hurt, and I cried- and the sinus infection used that moment of weakness to take over.

But, like I said- God has a bigger plan than I do. And sometimes the slate needs to be wiped clean. Work meetings must be missed, variety show planning must be put on hold. The blog must go neglected, and the house must be... filled with Kleenex.

No, really... I just found Kleenex in between my couch cushions.

In all seriousness, I appreciate these moments of being stuck indoors, on the couch. It makes me re-prioritize a bit, get a grip on what's important, what must be accomplished before 5pm every day.

And the funny thing is- more than anything, I realize nothing has to be accomplished by 5pm every day. There are people I can count on to get things done. It's ok for me to let go.

It's ok for me to just focus on me.

And, that's a good message for me right now. Doing what's best for me when it comes to my health- and my heart.

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