Monday, August 23, 2010

Ten Things

Ten Things
1. I'm house hunting.
2. The #1 room I can't wait to decorate? My office.
3. I'm thinking about cutting my hair.
4. I miss my baby.
5. I'm going to start doing devotionals in the morning before work.
6. I'm going to start running when I get home from work.
7. I miss my best friend.
8. My co-workers make me laugh all day long.
9. I can't wait to get a dark charcoal manicure.
10. I'll be driving a rental car all next week.
Your turn!


  1. 1. I'm considering going back to school.
    2. I made it through my hair appt. without chopping my hair off.
    3. Stephen thinks I'm going crazy.
    4. That may be confirmed.
    5. I miss my best friend!
    6. She needs to stop being busy.
    7. So we can play.
    8. I may plant a stink bomb in a certain person's larger than life truck. hee hee!
    9. I <3 you!
    10. I don't know.

  2. 1. I'm sick of my tiny apartment.
    2. My hair looks like a weed.
    3. I need to get my hair chopped off.
    4. It's freaking hot in Houston.
    5. My clothes are too tight
    6. So I need to eat better
    7. And work out
    8. I start a new job next week
    9. I hate the walkway outside my current office
    10. because it eats my high heels.

  3. 1. I wish it was Friday
    2. I think I may have felt the baby move today
    3. It might have just been gas
    4. My favorite show right now is Rizzoli and Isles
    5. I think I must have been a cop in a former life
    6. I can't wait for James to be done refinishing our dining room table
    7. Fruit snacks are best thing ever made
    8. My belly button is becoming an outy (sp?)
    9. I can't wait to see my family over Labor Day!
    10. I miss my best friend

  4. 1) I miss my seester!
    2) Boys suck
    3) I think we should do christmas at the lake this year..thoughts?
    4) There is a cricket living in my closet and I cant see it...but every morning I hear it. It will die eventually right?
    5) Mom keeps buying me bottles of wine and now I have starting drinking a glass every night unless I have been at happy hour somewhere...problem?
    6) I have a shopping addiction. Went to target to get a bag for a gift, left with 2 dresses and a sweater...perfect (almost forgot the bag until I was checking out)
    7) I think of you often...and wish we lived in the same city
    8) I really need to start working out "I am sick" excuse is not longer working cause..well im not sick anymore. sigh
    9) I pay $5 EXTRA a month to have my apartment "pick up" my trash...but what that really means is I have to take it down three flights of stairs, across the pool area to the dumpster....WHAT??


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