Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roller Coaster

Wow, what a week.  I was scrolling through my posts and hit last Wednesday, when I blogged about changes coming to Lindsay's Lounge.  Changes are still coming- but it's a little on the back burner at the moment.  Right now, my blog has a full-time job- and that's reporting on my little man, Toby.

Last Wednesday, Toby had an appointment.  There were still concerns- he wasn't gaining weight- but he was so much better than before, and we were on the up and up.

By Saturday, he was so incredibly sick.  Sunday, I took my overall lifeless little guy to the vet.  Monday, I was being prepared to put him down.

But then, good news.  Something was stuck in his intestines.  He needed emergency surgery. Hope wasn't lost.

The surgeon removed a piece of synthetic toy stuffing that was blocking his intestines.  Great, great news.

And yesterday, the roller coaster continued.  He wasn't improving.  He wasn't bouncing back.  He was depressed, and they weren't sure why.

I went to the hospital with my favorite gray sweater.  I kissed him and rubbed his nose and patted his swollen tummy.  I tucked my gray sweater around him, reminding him of what he had to fight for, what he had to live for.  

I was meant to go see him when I did.  Because 20 minutes later, I was told he needed another emergency surgery.  A bacteria infection was keeping him from recovering, and they needed to fix it immediately.  I didn't know whether I had just said goodbye to Toby... or had just given him the strength he needed to fight through another 2 hours on the operating table.

He fought through the surgery. He's recovering, again.  There is so much hope and fear intermingled in my chest that I feel like it might explode.

What a roller coaster.  But we're both still hanging on.

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