Friday, August 13, 2010

Falling For...

Whew, what a week. It was long. And hard. And included a lot of tears.

But, it also included some really good memories. And some amazing people. And a lot of prayers.

I'm a blessed girl, and I know it.

And while my heart still physically aches- I'm trying to find my new normal and hold on to the happy.

Something that makes me realllly happy? Fall! Here are a few things I'm already "falling" for...

This leather jacket from Topshop. I'm absolutely crazy about it! It's at the top of my "must purchase" list.
I also wouldn't mind a pair of classy, straight cut jeans from The Gap. Notice, I did not say skinny jeans. These are specifically straight cut. I think my skinny days are over- both in jean sizes and otherwise! :)
Ever since last fall, I've been wanting a pair of tall, flat boots. I love the slouch in these Gianni Bini's....But I think these Steve Madden's are a clear winner. Love 'em. Here's my camera! Nikon D5000. Yep, it's all picked out and ready to be charged to the Best Buy card.

Some day.

But I'll definitely need it in time for....

San Francisco! I bought a ticket to attend the BlogHer Convention there next fall.

La Jolla. We have a date on August 4th of 2011. We'll remember what a tough day August 4th was in 2010- and how much better things are one year later.

What are you "falling" for?

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