Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Part 2

Happy Wednesday!  

That's right, it's Wednesday!  You thought it was Tuesday, huh?

After Leah & Heath's shower Friday night (see yesterday's post) Bryan & I woke up VERY early- and by early, I mean 5:30am- and hit the road for East Texas.

When we arrived, we immediately jumped onto this lovely blue jet ski, and stayed there until Monday.

Kidding!  But, we did spend a lot of time jet skiing.

We also had a rousing game of family beer pong.  Ali & I teamed up against Dad & Bryan, while Timmy & his friend Kevin waited their turn.

Me & my honey!  

Me & my pookie!

On Monday, it rained. Fitting for the last day of a wonderful 3-day vacation.  It was dreary & sad.
(If any environmental activists are reading this, please excuse the number of cars in the driveway.  4 of the 5 came from the same home.  There's just no excuse.)

Tomorrow, the videos begin.  

-------> Insert evil laugh here. <-------------

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