Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Step Closer

Today I want to write about... being a writer.  

I've written in one form or another since I was little.  

Many moons ago, as a young, ambitious, pale red-headed little girl, I wrote stories and songs and lesson plans.  Yes, I subjected my siblings to "school" in my bedroom.

In fact, when I think about it- I always liked to document things.  Whether it was in a diary, a journal, a scrapbook, a flow chart of ex-boyfriends (yes, we have one of those)... I just like things to be written down, documented and recorded.

So, it felt natural for me to pursue a degree in journalism.  I tried out several different forms of writing.

I wrote during the summer for my hometown's newspaper, The Plano Star Courier.  By the end of the summer, I was writing the lead story every day.  And, I was discovering that newspaper wasn't for me.

During college, I wrote for Pulse, the college of journalism's magazine.  I was the managing editor.  I wrote the inside "fold" story- the BIG one- on diversity and I was so proud.  And found that my heart wasn't really in the magazine industry.

Towards the end of college, I decided on TV.  Through my attempts to become a reporter, I ended up being a producer- and I loved it.  I bossed and wrote and organized and wrote some more and made important phone calls and wrote until my 2 hour morning show was minutes from air.  And, I realized I didn't want to be a TV producer anymore.

At this point in the post, if you're still reading, you're probably thinking that I'm an extremely fickle and dissatisfied person.  I'm not.

I just felt like I was always moving one step closer to "the goal."

Without really knowing what "the goal" is.

I launched this blog in January of 2010.  (It sounds more important to have the 2010 tacked on there!)

And, once again, I feel one step closer to "the goal."

Still not knowing what that goal is.

Maybe to write a book?  Maybe to just write a really great blog?  Maybe do both?

I'm not sure.  But, I know I'm on the right track.  And the time might be drawing near to take one more step.

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