Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crash Landing?

Since I was young, I've had an emergency plan for any situation.

Our house caught on fire?  I would single-handedly rescue each of my siblings by throwing them out the bedroom window into the pool.

A robber?  I would hoist my sister and two brothers into the attic through a trap door in my sister's closet.  I, being the hero of course, wouldn't be able to hoist myself up through the trap door (the ceilings are high, man!) so I would stay and fend off the bad guys myself.

I was always having to save those three knuckle-heads.  I apparently never worried too much about mom & dad.

I also love the "stranded" scenario.  We're snowed in on a mountain.  We're lost in a jungle.  How do we survive?

Yesterday, I posed this very scenario to my co-workers:

We're flying to an auction.  Not sure where, but somewhere that requires us to fly over miles of blue ocean and a smattering of tiny islands.  We crash land, of course.  What do we do for shelter, food, water?  What are our roles?

First, the questions:
-are we injured?  no.
-are we on a beach with trees nearby?  yes.
-is there a waterfall on the island?  possibly.
-are there attractive natives on the island?  um, this isn't Blue Lagoon.

After two hours of discussion, numerous google inquiries and a lot of head scratching, we came upon our most pressing issues:

-how to filter sea water into fresh drinking water
(it requires a combination of leaves, sand and charcoal.  Because, we managed to get off the sinking plane with our mini BBQ, apparently.)

-how to make rum 
(google informed us rum takes a YEAR to ferment.  We were highly discouraged by this news, as none of us could stand each other sober for a year.  I kid!  But, seriously.)

-who we would sacrifice to the natives in a pinch
(guess who was nominated for that job)

-who we would eat in a pinch
(lets just say I hope my boss isn't reading this.)

I must say, I feel much better about traveling with these people after yesterday's discussion. It's always good to have a game plan for crash landing situations.


  1. Glad to hear the worst case scenario game is still going on. Although this one can't beat "Death On Lookout Mountain." Dahn Dahn Dahn! I'm going back to hiding under my desk now.

  2. LOL oh yes, the worst case scenario game is in full swing. "Death on Lookout Mountain" was such a good one! I need a whole blog post dedicated to it...


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