Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Part 1

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

We kicked the weekend off with a Couples Shower/BBQ for my friends Leah & Heath.

If you'll remember, Leah's wedding is July 17th... check out her wedding updates here!

Leah & several of the hostesses!

Leah & her sweet friend, Hayley.

The yard "set-up." 

A few of Leah & Heath's friends enjoying our (lethally strong) sangria!

Bryan & Josh playing ping pong.

The bride & a bottle of absenthe.  (Don't worry, she didn't drink it all herself.) 

A good time was had by all!  

Next up:  Leah's bachelorette party next weekend.  Can't wait!

Tomorrow, I'll post pictures and some... interesting, shall we say?... videos from Memorial Day weekend spent at the lake.

Lets just say... I can blackmail my siblings for life.

Happy Short Week!

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