Thursday, June 3, 2010

My To-Do List

May was a month of absolute insanity.  Fun insanity, but.... crazy all the same.  I attended three weddings.  I hosted two showers.  I traveled to Plano, TX... Houston, TX... and Mt. Vernon, TX.

What I did a lot of:  eating, playing, drinking, laughing, catching up, celebrating, working
What I didn't do a lot of:  sleeping 

This weekend, I get a glorious whole 2 days of... nothing!

But, I do have a few things I want to tackle.

One big thing on my to-do list is get organized.

My friend Heather introduced me to Papaya Art- a website full of creative journals, notecards, paper... basically, a writer's dream.  I am filling up this address book immediately!

I went ahead and added this dateless calendar to my shopping cart while I was at it.  I've been needing a small planner to carry around in my purse for a while to help keep my head on straight.

I don't know about you- but I love writing things down.  I have a laptop & an iphone... but I like to write out checklists and important dates by hand and have them nearby.  Pen & paper never fail you!  :)

Next up:  a little decorating.  My big focus lately has been my desk area... and I am ordering this adorable print found at Made By Girl as soon as I finish this post.

Also over at Made By Girl, this map print.  One of my favorite cities is New York City- and I just love this vintage yet modern map of the city.  I think I'm going to hang it in my bedroom.  She also makes a pink Paris map!

Finally, I plan on planting a few flowers in the giant pot on my patio, and possibly stringing a few Christmas lights around the rails.  I'm feeling festive.

If it rains, will the lights catch my apartment on fire?

These are the things I lay in bed and worry about at night.  (Thanks, mom.)

What are your weekend plans?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a glorious weekend! And no, your apt. won't catch on fire if it rains while you have lights on the patio...........:)


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