Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warning: PG-25

The following post may disturb some of you.  It contains graphic descriptions and unnecessary language.

I've rated it PG-25.  If you are younger than 25... this post is not appropriate for you.

The topic? A-D-U-L-T-H-O-O-D.

Yes, I know it's a dirty word.  And I'm desperately trying to avoid it.  The word, and the concept.

Symptoms include:

-looking forward to unloading my dishwasher
-cleaning the apartment frequently
-getting tired at 9:18pm
-falling into bed, exhausted, at 10:03pm
-scolding my cat
-scolding my co-workers
-scolding everyone

I'm so sorry I just said scolding three times in a row.  I told you this post was not for the young at heart.

Ways I'm trying to rebel:

-eating ice cream
-leaving work early
-eating chips & salsa
-eating milk shakes

I'm going to go ahead and end the list here.  It appears I need to go to the gym immediately.  

Even though gym days make my bed time an hour earlier.

Seeking help,


  1. Girl, I love reading your blog. So much that I decided to start my own. I know, what?!? It's limited to the kitchen though...the talent doesnt stretch as far. :)

  2. I'm confused.. how do you eat a milkshake? Do you chew it? If so, I think you need to make sure that baby isn't expired..

    Signed, A Concerned Friend (who is much older)

  3. Nat, can't wait to read your blog! And Leah, you're right- how DO you eat a milkshake? See, signs of crazy old age. At least I can rest in the comfort that you will turn 30... and 40... and 50... YEARS before I do. :)


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