Monday, May 17, 2010

Spa Baby Shower

This weekend was my friend Jes's much-anticipated baby shower!

As I previously posted, we decided to do a little "spa outing" for her shower.  We held it at a nail salon in Frisco, TX.  Talk about luxury!  We snacked on fruit and veggies, sipped on wine and were pampered to the max.

This spa is set up perfectly for parties.  They have an upstairs area- complete with a bar!- where you can set everything up.  We put all of the food up on the counters...

... we also asked people to bring their favorite baby books to help stock Baby Bannasch's library!
We managed to sneak in a few cute pictures of Jes & her husband, Derek, as babies.  They were both adorable, of course. :)

Here's some of the loot starting to pile up!

Finally, time for pedicures!  Here's row #1...

... and right across from row #1, row #2!  (Hi seester!  Hi Lauren!)

Mama-to-be Jes, getting a much deserved pedicure!  (She'll remember this fondly when she's chasing a little boy around the house!)

The finished product!  My pedicure turned out to be non-existent on camera. 

Note to self:  white feet + pale pink polish = invisible pedicure

My girls! (Minus Natalie, who got married last weekend.)  We've known each other for over a decade.  We went to school dances together, on trips together, had more sleepovers than I can count.  We stayed friends through the drama of high school, the separation of college... and now, two are married and one has a baby on the way. 

Life goes by so quickly, doesn't it?


  1. Wow, Lindsay, what a lovely afternoon and beautiful pictures. Thanks for all of your hard work, and for letting me share the day electronically! God bless! "Grandma" Mary Ellen S.

  2. You were certainly missed! I'm glad you got to stop in for a bit via skype! :)


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