Friday, May 14, 2010

A Friday Post

Since it's Friday, and since my brain is complete mish-mash, and since I'm traveling every weekend in May, today's post consists of a rambling ramble of ramblings.

If that sentence confused you in any way, please stop reading.... now.

If you're still reading.... here we go!
Tulsa was pounded by an EF-2 tornado a few nights ago.  Rain poured; lightning struck; wind howled; tornado sirens wailed.

Lindsay.... slept.

These pictures were taken at my co-worker Justin's apartment complex.  Look at the damage! That's some strong wind, my friends.

I'm deeply concerned that I didn't budge from my sleep during any of this.  

Which leads me to my next great invention:

1) Twitter-To-Go (order to-go from your fave restaurants.... via twitter)
2) Sunburn Barbie (she turns red in the sunlight)
3)  TiVo for the car radio (found out... this may have already been invented)
4)  Tornado Siren iphone app

Genius, right?  A tornado is heading your way... it's 5am.... and your iphone alerts you to take cover.

Next up... groupons!  My mom signed me up for it, and it's just awesome.  So far I've received a groupon for Salsa dancing lessons and one to a local pub & grill.  Sign up for groupons in your area here!

And, finally- this is my cute pregnant friend, Jes!  I feel okay posting this picture, because she posted it on her facebook page.  She lives in Germany, but is here in the states for a few weeks.  Her spa pedicure baby shower (read about it here) is this weekend.

Looking forward to pampering the mama to be... and hanging out with my ladies!

Next week, stay tuned for....

-pictures from the baby shower this weekend
-a sneak peak at Leah's bachelorette party invitations, theme & more!
-that giveaway I've been promising for weeks

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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