Tuesday, May 11, 2010


On Sunday night, I was inspired.  Maybe it was something in the wind; maybe it was the enchiladas.  There's no telling when or why inspiration will strike.

I was inspired... to write poetry to the three people in the picture with me- my beloved siblings.  To express to them my love and admiration.  To gently remind them of their flaws.  

I'm just here to give love and encouragement to those around me.

That's your right as the oldest of four, you know.  To write them public poetry; to make them build pillow houses and play school; to boss them around.  FOR LIFE.

I thought I'd share these poems I wrote for them, with you- my faithful followers.

Maybe one day, you'll be lucky enough to be the subject of one of my poems.


"An Ode to Ali"
I'm your seester, and you're my pookie
You like to lay out and pretend you get tan, like Snookie.
You have red hair and freckled skin
and get really cranky when it's time for din din
I get to see you 3 weekends in a row
I hope I can avoid seeing your morning 'fro.


"An Ode to Mikey"
I don't understand why you're so tall
You tower above one and all
You also have really big feet
and like to drum to the beat.
You drive around in a truck that is black
and you're embarrassed when I say stuff like "that's whack."
You're my littlest brother, but you're still so tall
I hope that you don't ever fall.


"An Ode to Timmy" (back story: Timmy was the only one not home on Mother's Day.)
You weren't here, and we had lots of fun.
We ate enchiladas and saw Iron Man 2... not one.
Meanwhile, you "study" and crunch for your tests
And keep an eye out for twisters coming from the west.
And tomorrow, when finals officially start
you'll be in the basement, crying tears from your heart.


I'll be hanging up my poetry hat for a while.  Bouts of inspiration can be very draining on writers like myself.


  1. tsk tsk, Timmy missed Mothers Day....bad bad son :)

  2. Dr. Seuss ain't got nothin on my bestie! I particularly love the Snookie reference.

  3. LOL! Leah, glad you enjoyed my works of art. And Lisa... I agree... bad Timmy! (He'll be home this weekend for the whole summer, though... mom will see him plenty!)


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