Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Shower: Sneak Peak

I'm excited to say that I can finally reveal a few details about the baby shower I'm throwing in a few weeks!

I was waiting to reveal the actual invitation and theme until the mom-to-be got hers....
...even though she lives in Germany... and the suspense of sending a piece of foreign mail with NO idea how long it would take to get there was killing me.

Speaking of suspense, she finds out what the gender is tomorrow.  I'm SO excited!

So, without further ado, here are the invitations!

I know it's a bit hard to read the text... but by the picture, I'm sure you get the idea!  We're meeting at a local spa to have pedicures and appetizers and celebrate the birth of the first fab five baby!

There are a few other surprises up our sleeves... but those will just have to wait!  :)  I'm SO looking forward to pampering Jes and spending some quality time with the girls.

Here are the girls, if you need a refresher.  Jes, the mom-to-be, is on the far right.

It's a big month for the fab five!  We're also celebrating Natalie's wedding next weekend!  (Nat is second from the left.)

Have a great Thursday!


  1. So, so excited!! I look at the invitation all the time now! :) I'll call you ASAP tomorrow once we find out! (Well, I'll try to make sure I don't wake you!)

  2. Yay! :) I would LOVE to get a phone call, no matter what time of day! Looking forward to seeing you so soon!


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