Monday, January 2, 2012

Dreaming Big (Resolution #5)

Happy 2012, friends!

NYE was low-key this year- just a few friends, a few snacks, a few (ahem) glasses of champagne- but it was a great way to ring in the new year.

But today, I feel like the year really begins. Yesterday was such a quick blur; saying goodbye to company, a long nap, dinner & wine at Wolfgang Puck with my best friend.

Today is a day for committing to the things I want to be priority in my life in 2012.

Enjoying my morning coffee... check. Daily quiet and worship time... check. Long run... check.

So it's fitting that today, the day when my 2012 priorities kick-off, so to speak, I'll also be shooting a commercial here at my house. A commercial for my freelance project that has been a big part of my life the past year.

I've mentioned True Blue here a time or two. A thriving tile & stone company based in Tulsa, led by David Ashmore. David & I met up about a year ago when he asked me to produce a life-long dream of his: a TV show to pitch to local and national networks. Named, appropriately, "True Blue."

We've been working on this reality/DIY show for about a year now- and our big Tulsa premiere is in just a few weeks! (More info to come!)

Throughout the process, I have also been building his brand. Creating a Facebook & Twitter page; developing YouTube videos; and now, creating a series of commercials for TV.

Shot at the home of yours truly.

So today, as we prepare to shoot our commercial, it's not stretch what resolution #5 is:

Pitch "True Blue" to local and national networks.

It's a huge undertaking- and a scary one, at that. Certainly one of the weightier resolutions on my list this year.

But working on this show has made me grow as a producer tremendously. And this year, I can't wait to see our hard work in 2011 pay off in 2012- whether True Blue is broadcast statewide or nationally.

No matter what, working on True Blue has given me such a wonderful sense of dreaming big. Making others' dreams come true- and fulfilling a few of my dreams, as well.

When you work on something that feeds your soul, that makes you think anything is possible- how can you fail?

Let's lift a glass to dreaming big in 2012!

A glass of water, that is; I've already had my fill of champagne this year. :)

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