Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Weekend Away

I'm baaaack! I took a "social media break" the past few days, and boy it felt good. I realized I might spend a tad too much time on my computer when a friend called to check on me because I didn't blog/facebook/tweet for a couple of days. :)

I spent the weekend with my family at our lakehouse in East Texas. We typically play scrabble when we're together, but this trip- we discovered a new game that has revolutionized our family: Buzz Word. It's hilarious and fun and intense all at once. We're obsessed with it.

We also did lots of eating, but I'm glad to report my sister and I squeezed one run in. That has eased my guilt a slight, tiny bit- but tomorrow, I'm kicking into high-spring-is-almost-here-I-found-my-bikini-in-a-bottom-drawer-oh-crap mode.

In all honesty, I always am a bit sad when we leave the lake. I adore spending time with my family and I look forward to it so much- so when it's over, it takes me a few hours... sometimes even days... to snap back into it.

The fact that this week is packed with auctions and meetings galore might jolt me back into action! :)

But those weekends away, disconnected, with the people that matter the most help put my crazy, busy, non-stop schedule into perspective.

Happy Sunday- and here's to a busy week full of the things that matter in life!

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