Sunday, March 20, 2011

Priorities vs. Needs

Happy Sunday! Wow.. what a week. I don't think I've had such an intense week in a while! Between late night auctions, prepping for the variety show, actually putting ON the variety show Friday and an all-day shoot in Joplin Saturday, I am wiped out. I've spent the day catching up on laundry and the DVR- two things that were sorely neglected this week.

Whenever I go long spells without blogging, I start getting a bit antsy. And maybe it's not so much blogging, but writing. It's so important to me to put thoughts down on paper (or, my blog.) It's a creative release for me that's unmatched. I guess it's a priority in a sense; but I think more than that, it's a need. And this week, I've had a lot of time to think about priorites versus needs.

This week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. And I have to point out the obvious, that I was too busy to think much less sleep or take care of myself, so my emotions were at an all-time high.

But today as I process it all, I realize how important it is to take time for yourself. For me, it's quiet time to write or pray, free time to exercise, read or watch TV. I need that, every day. I need that to stay balanced and whole and capable in order to keep up with this very busy season of life I'm in.

I've also realized how important it is to prioritize- but not in the typical sense. I have a strong sense of duty and loyalty- to my job, to my friends, to my family. And sometimes I let myself get rundown in the "priorities" department. Because I "have" to make this meeting at work, no matter if I'm putting in 12 hour days. Because I "have" to make time for someone because it's the right thing to do- regardless of whether they make the same effort for me.

Priorities, if not actually prioritized, can run us down.

But on another note- isn't it amazing that the things that bring us joy in life we make time for, no matter what? No matter how little we've slept or the distance we have to drive or the across-the-ocean phone calls we have to make?

So, finding balance... meeting my needs... and prioritizing in the right way. Putting 100% into the things that give me 100% satisfaction back. That's what I want in my life.

I hope you find some time this week to set aside priorities and obligations and just grab a cup of coffee or sit on a park bench somewhere; I plan to do both this week!

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