Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Mid-Week Toast

Happy Wednesday! The weeks are flying by these days, huh? I always feel like March/April go quickly every year. And so far- two days into March- this year feels no different!

Last night I celebrated "27" with my best friend- who also has a birthday this week! We obviously ended the evening with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Pretty good way to end the evening, if you ask me!

I feel busier than ever right now, but as my co-worker so eloquently said yesterday, "strike while the iron's hot." I have so many wonderful things on deck- personally and professionally- so I'm just going to keep powering ahead. This is such an amazing season of growth for me! I think sometimes growth happens unexpectedly and sometimes... you're very aware of it. I feel very aware of the growth happening for me. And I am thankful, thankful, thankful. An amazing season of life- busy, but amazing!

And NEVER too busy for strawberries and champagne with a friend. :)

Let's toast to that! Happy Wednesday!

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