Monday, March 21, 2011

Reflections Of Me

Happy Monday, folks! I had a good, slow-paced, no drama, no tears, no stresses kind of day. Just the kind of Monday I needed. :)

I'm excited because I bought something new....

This adorable print by The Big Harumph. I absolutely love it.

If I had to come up with a mission statement for my home, this is what it would be:

To create a sanctuary that is cozy and eclectic with bohemian flair.

I used to tear pages from the Pottery Barn catalog and keep them as inspiration. I wanted a home with perfectly matched furniture. With well painted or papered walls and shelves that had just the right amount of knick-knacks. With kitchen tables adorned with my perfect party china. Picture perfect at all times.

But as I've started to decorate my own home... I'm realizing perfect isn't me. Matchy-matchy isn't my thing.

And instead... I want a home that's unique. That has character and charm and yes- a bit of bohemian flair.

I want people to walk inside my home and feel cozy and warm. To see what's important to me. I want them to read it on the walls, see it in pictures of family and travel. To see my love of God, of books, of writing. I can't think of a better way to express me than through prints.

Remember this print by MadeByGirl, hanging in my kitchen?

And this map of NYC in my bedroom? I love them both.

Here are two more prints by The Big Harumph I'm loving for my guest room/office....

And yes, my love of maps lives on... I love seeing how my home reflects "me" more and more every day.

What about your home truly reflects who you are?

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  1. My husband Ryan and I like an eclectic look as well. We've especially been into mid-century furniture these days. I think our home is comfy, traditional, vintage, clean lines and definitely not lacking some brave/bold touches- we have a herringbone wall in our livingroom.


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