Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week In Pictures

In an effort to break my Wednesday/Sunday posting streak, I thought I'd bring you a special post this Thursday: my week in pictures!

In fact, I'll probably be bringing you more of these types of posts. Sometimes it's easier to let a picture tell the story of my day.

So, here we go:

A new scarf from my sister for my birthday! I love it.

My checklist on Tuesday. It was a mightly long one.

My boys at work. We found a box of Auction Network sunglasses and so I made them take several "family pictures" wearing them. (I promise I do a little work during the day; come on, did you SEE my checklist?!) They did a couple of serious looks, then this fake laugh picture. And yes, that orange couch is in our little area; we call it the Auction Network living room couch.

Pilot shoot! We're working on a great real estate auction show. The lovely DC Roberts is the host; here she is, prepping for her first take. For the record... she only needs one take! :)

And my new pretty hydrangeas. My friend Heather and I had dinner than went "shopping" at Whole Foods. And I mean that in every sense. Grocery shopping, shoe shopping & flower shopping. I like this picture, with my little birdy salt & pepper shakers from Nest in Dallas. Another gift from my sister; she knows me well.

So, there you go! I have a busy weekend on tap... including a birthday dinner with my friend Leah, a variety show run-through (the big show is next week! Buy your ticket here!) and then a visit from mom, my aunt & my cousin Kim. Utica Square, here we come!

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