Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Shape-Up

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I certainly had a whirlwind few days. Friday night, I drove to Norman to meet my family for OU Family Weekend. My brother performed in Scandals! It's always hilarious to watch your brother dancing on a stage wearing make-up. It was perfect patio weather Friday night; we sat outside at La Luna drinking margaritas!

And Saturday, we drove to Plano for my youngest brother's senior percussion show. It was amazing! I'm always in awe of watching my brother run from the drumset to the marimba and back. Talented kiddos, all of them. Makes a big sister proud. :)

This week I am in major "spring clean" mode. It's like something hit me and I HAVE to get everything in shape! (Yes, including me!) I'm cleaning the inside of the house, and I have found a "yard man" to come whip my grass into shape. I'm also joining a gym through work- just giving myself another option besides the river trail. Sometimes a girl just needs an elliptical machine and some A/C. :)

I'll have more coming this week- including the desk I'm about to buy!- and some inspiration for my back patio. I can't WAIT to sit on my patio this summer, a glass of wine in hand. (Duh!)

Happy Monday!

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  1. I hear you on the eliptical and AC! When we lived in an apartment we had a small gym accessible to us and there are definitely days that I miss it! Yay for Spring inspirational :)


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