Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home: Office Spaces

If there's one room I can't stop thinking about in my new house... 
it's the guest bedroom/office.

Things I want out of an office:

*aesthetically appealing

Have you ever browsed around Apartment Therapy?  It's a great website full of all kinds of decorating ideas... especially for smaller spaces.

Here are a few Apartment Therapy office spaces I'm inspired by:

This, to me, is absolutely genius.  An office space created right there in a closet.  You know, that closet that's way too small for anything...

This is a little modern for my taste, and not exactly "inspiring"... but Type-A Lindsay loves it because it's so practical and organized.

This is just adorable.  A little corner nook desk. I like the use of the wall to hang folders and files.  And, who isn't inspired by a window view?

This is pretty plain jane.  But there's something very chic about it, too.  I love the clear chair and the fact that since this desk is so small... you have to stay organized.

Any ideas for small office spaces?  Where do you go to look for inspiration?


  1. Cute ideas! Check out Lonny Magazine, it's an online mag that focuses on design. Similar style to what Domino used to feature.

  2. I will check it out! I'm a sucker for all things home-related these days... :)

  3. As long as there is enough room for me and my stuff!!:)

  4. I know, I can't wait for an office! And don't worry, mom... there will be plenty of room for you. :)


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